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Car access to the Internet era crowded car networking

Hot car networking , not only changed the car industry weather , but also to the past, not much car prices intersection and Internet company executives,
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CITIC Securities 11.37 +0.100.89 %
Began to sit together to explore the challenges , opportunities and risks.
Automotive intelligence and security summit held in Beijing last week , the general manager of Dongfeng Peugeot Lv Haitao , vice president of High German , Ltd. Zhou et al. Frequency " of the automobile industry mobile Internet " to start hot. CITIC Securities analyst Xuying Bo even boasted that in the next 3-5 years , car networking and smart cars will bring " unparalleled " investment opportunities " in this market space should be at least one hundred billion yuan middleweight , and even challenge trillion magnitude , scale beyond imagination . "
Meanwhile, giants including vehicle manufacturers, Internet companies and financial companies have started including the layout of the market. Into these forces, not just the vehicle, the Internet services and software, areas affected , but also includes changes to the hardware , it is possible for the car and the car industry networking tremendous impact.
At the same time , car networking in China to promote the process still face many obstacles , including the profit model is not clear, the car company refused to open systems.
" China 's national conditions of China 's unique development path vehicle networking , and anywhere in the world is not the same . Car networking so far , the scale is not enough data blocked, users do not renew, leading to " fleece "business model not necessarily successful. car phone collaborative and networked electric vehicle providers get through a closed loop in one direction , only with electricity providers combine to form a closed loop . " Zhou frequency on the" First Financial Daily " correspondent said .
Snatch a vehicle networking "cake"
"Car into the Internet era ." Capgemini Global Automotive Committee Chairman Nick Gill said.
French consulting firm Capgemini recently released a research report for the interconnection of the car, the report shows that the growth of the Internet age population seeking personalized , for interconnection , intelligent technology is more concerned about these needs will in turn promote the automobile industry change . "Today, customers interconnect dominated the overall situation. Has noticed the change in distributors and OEM car buying process ."
Capgemini survey also shows that in the Internet era car , consumers are most concerned about is the safety and the driving experience , vehicle management and real-time customer care and services , accounting for 74%. In addition , the Internet era car manufacturer has brought great opportunities , as long as they get a return , most automotive customers more willing than ever to share data with the vehicle OEM.
The above conclusion is consistent with the findings of Dongfeng Peugeot users ,吕海涛told reporters , although more and more car companies will place a phone or iPad functions similar to " touch screen" in the car , but the driver for this . " screen "The biggest demand is still functional navigation, the traditional function of vehicle information detection , security for help , etc. , rather than on the phone most of the application software ported to the car.
Currently, the car depot network mainly dominated pre-installed market , more representative of the foreign brands are GM OnStar (onstar), Toyota G-book, such as the Nissan Carwings . A few years ago , these cars or high-end networking equipment car " enjoy " one content services , but has now become a very popular device . Including Shanghai Automobile , Geely Automobile and other domestic auto companies have also introduced a similar product.
At the same time , in addition to automobile companies, including Pioneer , Siemens, Desaixiwei including parts suppliers are competing to snatch the market , Google , Microsoft, Apple and other IT networking giant is eyeing the car .
Xuying Bo believes that auto manufacturers, major carriers , Google and other Internet companies , as well as "hidden" financial giants already have the layout of car networking. "This market investment opportunities across multiple dimensions , big market to unparalleled ." He believes that smart around the car , the car 's electronic hardware networking is the latest investment opportunities.