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Summer car care knowledge is very important to maintain a normal tire pressure

Into the summer, the owners should first be cleaned air conditioning maintenance . Frequent use of vehicle air conditioning in summer , and the cleanliness of the air-conditioning duct is directly related to the air quality inside the vehicle , the car in relation to human health. According to experts, the spring catkins very easy to block the air conditioning radiator , if not cleared up , will affect the use of air conditioning . Many owners in the detection of the vehicle in summer , you will find a lot of vehicle air conditioning radiators have been blocked, this situation is very common , which should attract the attention of people car .
In addition, wet summer , when the wheels suddenly down to the water 's surface , a lot of people the first reaction is to hit the brakes , it is easy to slip danger , good control of the steering wheel when the water is more important and more secure than the brakes .
A very important point is to maintain normal tire pressure . High summer temperatures , tire pressure is too high or too low are easy to puncture in the fast moving , in addition, will make the tire pressure is too low tire deformation , increased wear , increased fuel consumption , endanger traffic safety. Therefore , professional measuring tire pressure, tire pressure to maintain normal traffic in the summer is also particularly important to ignore.