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Age of 5 years will flood the secondary market for private cars

To promote a more rigorous inspection of motor vehicles , specifications, May 16 , the Ministry , the State Administration of Quality Supervision jointly issued the motor vehicle inspection system reform initiatives , issued "on the strengthening and improving vehicle inspection advice ," clearly this year 9 from January 1, 2009 , non-operating car -free trial six years , when the vehicle periodic inspection every two years , the owner need only provide traffic compulsory insurance certificate , after tax , or exempt from travel tax proof , you can directly apply for inspection mark , and then to test without safety and technical inspection agency .
After the announcement, the owners unanimously won the " Good point ," and Dongguan used car industry generally believes that the introduction of this policy , more owners will choose five years or so to replace the car . Dongguan future used car market , more and more private cars about five years into the second-hand car market .
" 6 year car -free , car -free on the card , the weekend seized cars and other measures to give the majority of private car owners save a lot of things , saving time and expense ." Is Dongguan Xiping for motor vehicle inspection station inspection of private car owners Liqi Yang said that sometimes Xiping testing stations too many people had to go to some small town inspection station , but the next few years much easier .
Xiping testing stations are waiting for a vehicle inspection owners also believe that within a few years after buying a new car is generally very good care of the vehicle will often go to the 4S shop to do regular maintenance , condition is also good , really no need to spend time and effort to seized cars , long overdue introduction of such a humane policy .
Although the new regulations for the majority of car owners to check eliminates a lot of trouble , but after testing simplified safety performance of vehicles has also become owners how to be guaranteed a topic of concern .
In this regard, Mitsubishi Motors aftermarket manager Liu Junhua think , vehicle safety and inspection itself has no direct relationship. Check the performance of the real impact of vehicle safety inspection are not entirely done , more is still the usual maintenance work on the vehicle .
Liu Junhua told reporters from his many years of work experience, more than 80 % of new cars do not have a problem is detected six years , but also part of the new cars fault -prone . He suggested that the vehicle inspection standards to " life + kilometers ," the sum of the standard from the life of a single standard , the car six years if a certain number of kilometers beyond , should also be detected .
Why change the most cost three to five years ?
Obviously, six years without inspection , then buy a new car after five years to sell it back to the new car , the natural aspects of the inspection would save a lot of effort , it has also become a major factor in a change in the car for five years . Of course , in addition, transfer cycle control in about five years , there are other various reasons .
1 From the hedge ratio to see
In the process of replacement car , many owners are most concerned with the problem of old hedge ratio , the survey , 63 percent of owners said they are concerned about the preservation rate . So in the end when the old hedge the highest rate of return? To this end , we interviewed engaged in Hangzhou, Used Car Dealers Gujing Li nearly a decade , he told reporters , under normal circumstances , the timing of the highest rates are in general hedge vehicles 3-5 years age , mileage - less than ten thousand kilometers , which trading cars during the relatively cost-effective.
This is particularly evident in respect of imported cars. Imported cars have a higher technology standard work has won the recognition of domestic consumers more stringent than the domestic car performance and other aspects . Imported car models to meet some of the people to pursue personalized car needs . The import of used cars in the used car 's performance hedge ratio is lower than domestic brands, especially those that use more than five years of imported second-hand cars. There are many reasons , the most important is the willingness to import car maintenance costs are usually higher than domestic cars , and less of its service network , spare parts procurement constant and expensive cars result in higher maintenance costs. The second led to the occurrence of a low hedge ratio trolley case , import car maintenance cost issues for the purchase of imported second-hand cars have a higher influence.
2 From the maintenance costs and failure rates look
As for the original owners, their car , repair, maintenance , proceeds from the sale of used cars and other comprehensive calculated . The most cost-effective change in the first 5 years . One of the most important reference for the first five years of vehicle maintenance is more costly changes. Car failure rate, more parts need to be replaced , most car brand has exceeded the warranty period . These have greatly improved the second-hand car maintenance costs. At this point transfer of used cars is relatively high income .
When most consumers are hoping to purchase a car to scrap so far. However, the plan changes , generally three to five years driving change is a common occurrence . Although the average life expectancy cars for over 20 years , but once the cars with more than five years increased failure , maintenance costs are too high to allow many owners feel the pressure. Increase in vehicle maintenance costs until its better to choose the old hands .