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Safety is the car prices settle down

May 16 , Ministry of Public Security , State Administration of Quality Supervision jointly issued "on the strengthening and improvement of the motor vehicle inspection advice ," and that from 1 September 2014 trial of non- working car free on-line inspection initiative six years . This policy will undoubtedly put a higher performance vehicle safety requirements , vehicle safety can not rely on government regulation , more important is the strict control of car prices . Revolution in the automotive industry is the biggest revolution in safety , security, car prices is " settle down " of the party.
Car prices can not " cart before the horse ."
Automobile as a product of the industrial age , it is the meaning of existence and the railway vary. Peter Drucker in "managed an era " that the railway is vital to the industrial revolution in the revolutionary factor, because the railway has not only created a new economic region , but also changed the " mental geography ." The only difference with the railway car is , as people have the ability to move directly to the carrier, it took more social functions , rather than business functions.
The invention of the railway human mastered the distance , the car appears then let humans control the distance. Car from the date of birth was given " fast-moving " social functions , it belongs to the industrial age , but the times are changing , and in any event changes the basic properties "instead of human walking " does not change , the social functions determines the "safe sex" is a car born with genes.
Internet era swept the globe , changes and consequent subversion , automotive industry, industrial revolution began to take shape . From the perspective of the social function of the car , intelligent, green and humane is a major trend in the automotive industry changes , people enjoy the comfort of the car to create space on the premise that security , especially in cars and trucks , people, people and vehicles on the road network of the safety must be the primary appeal. Security is based on the automobile industry , car prices do not upside down.
2014 car ownership in China nearly 140 million , accounting for 54.9 percent of all motor vehicles, the road becomes " full " car " communication tools ", even if the individual exists as driving , vehicle safety will determine the road safety. Related statistics show that China's annual traffic safety due to an accident casualties over 20 million and staff mortality rate as high as 21 %. This shows that car prices in security is still long way to go .
From " passive safety " to " active safety "
Internet as a symbol of the third industrial revolution is bringing dramatic changes to human society , in this change , and carries an irresistible force : Intelligent tide , with the rapid variety of intelligent devices , mankind will enter a new smart society. Intelligent intention is to liberate man from the device out of the era with different product features , the smart times in addition to solving the problem of efficiency , more important is the liberation of man .
Obviously , the result is a smart car smart car , it appears people gradually get rid of driving. Just enter the destination to the car , it will automatically go to the passenger , the driver's hands and brains to be liberated, you can watch movies in the car, tea, handling official business , this is the era of smart things will happen. More importantly , the precise vehicle networking big data will drive the car industry from " passive safety " era into the " active safety " era.
Fully able to complete the estimation of intelligent driving distance between vehicles , control the speed , cornering , overtaking and other basic operations. Laboratory in Beijing , there is a smart city model , a range of 300 meters of 70 cars to run simultaneously available , the use of automation and artificial intelligence technology , can achieve traffic "zero impact, zero accidents ." Reaction speed of the machine is much faster than a human , intelligent driving a significant reduction in traffic accidents.
Internet era , consumer demand for simple hardware products further weakening car as a daily means of transport to use higher frequencies urgent need for innovation , in particular, need to play smart driver to control the vehicle safety role , which in terms of global car prices , is a highly competitive field . Among them, the primary goal of the Volvo autopilot technology being developed is to achieve zero casualties , if all the car companies are moving in this goal , accidents will be greatly reduced , or even disappear.
Car companies need to build an open development platform
Internet brings the greatest positive individuals is magnified right to choose , consumers become the center of information. This means that businesses and consumers need to create all the products , only the user before the user knows best . The same is true for the automotive industry , how to mobilize consumers , developers , suppliers and other industry chain around the needs of all elements of product development, which is key to the future of car prices in the competition can win .
Automobile safety , for example, car companies must not exhaustive safety hazards which motorists , but the driver was able to drive from their own experience , clearly indicates that a security risk factors , and these security needs feedback to the enterprise, car prices according to demand integration external quality resources , the formation of an open development platform, the platform brings together consumers , research and development , planning, marketing and all other aspects of personnel , joint research and development to meet user needs.
Currently , the automotive industry has seen such a platform : Swiss Traffic Safety Research Centre, which brings together elements of government departments , academic institutions , research institutes, enterprises , jointly set up research car active and passive safety systems developed an open system , no driving, car and other intelligent networking technology . As the only car companies involved in operations , Volvo pioneered this open , platform-based development system will boost the popularity of the entire automotive industry critical safety technology. This is the future of the automotive industry to achieve core way of safe driving .