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Many problems can be avoided and maintenance considerations used car

Whether it is a new car or a used car , the car battery is a very easy to ignore the problem, many people say that the car 's battery life is about two years , but in reality the car , the car is still very large range of battery life , the life ranging from 1-5 years , which is mainly reflected in the car habit , therefore , to determine the best battery life we repair shop directly with a voltmeter to test , so that the most accurate , in addition, a longer length of time if the car starts , then it may indicate the battery life is coming, we should soon be replaced, otherwise the battery will not say which day suddenly strike.
The effect of low- cost oil change significantly
No maintenance records for some models , we will come through the car 's mileage and maintenance of related . Under normal circumstances, many people are accustomed to traveling period of time after carrying out maintenance , but from a practical point of view, we are in the used car buying , preferably directly under the oil filter should be replaced, the engine oil directly affects the state , these costs just a few hundred , the cost is very low, but the engine damage if the oil change because they do not cause quite serious, some more harm than good . After replacing the oil filter finished , we can record the mileage, so the next time we care idea in mind .
Transmission oil, brake fluid , coolant can be checked in accordance with the instructions and replacement
Having a used car oil , let us look at other oil maintenance , if the car is driving tens of thousands of kilometers , you may also need to change the transmission oil , and this is easy to overlook a lot of consumers , in general, transmission oil life is 40,000 -8 million kilometers, you need to pay attention to the automatic transmission oil can not be misused , it can not be mixed , otherwise it will cause parts to wear.
Replacement cycle for brake fluid replaced once every two years
Brake fluid replacement cycle is generally replaced every two years , brake fluid in the brake system of the car is driving role played , brake oil itself has a strong absorption characteristics , it will absorb moisture from the surrounding air , such as car washes, wet environment etc. , brake oil used long time, although not much influence on the surface of the vehicle during emergency braking or when driving on long downhill when the brake system or in the long process of the emergency brake , the brake fluid temperature will rapidly rise, fall directly cause brake fluid boiling point , so the braking force fall, thus affecting the performance of the brakes .
Do not forget to check tire wear
Tires on a car belonging to consumables , natural wear and tear is inevitable thing, and oil maintenance cycle is different, mainly automobile tire life through the wear pattern to judge, but a lot of people in the car for sale, as long as the tire wear is not too often will use on the serious , and some car dealers may use some of the newer tires to replace the tires , so after buying a used car, tire wear , we must carefully observe , if worn above the warning point , then you should try to be replaced with new tires.
Full Summary: Whether a new or used car can not be ignored during the aftercare
Buy a used car , we do not rule out some cases shoddy , but if you buy a used car dealer in the formal , in fact, you can basically guarantee condition . Many people buy used cars biased , more reason is the uncertainty condition , in fact , whether it is a new car or a used car , as long as proper maintenance and car late habit, then some common car problems are it is easy to avoid.
Through these questions, we can also see the same car, why some consumers in the sale of second-hand car, even if the age of the vehicle for a long , condition is very good, but some consumers seat driving age is very short, but condition is very poor, resulting in the final analysis, this phenomenon is car maintenance habits and late , so buying a used car , the first thing after the start of the car should be a comprehensive maintenance , perhaps you will find high the fees, in fact, even second-hand cars to the big maintenance time , you have a qualified repair shop of some maintenance, it could cost much less than a new car purchase tax .
If you do not understand anything , want to buy a used car , you do not want cheated , it should be how to do it ? In fact, very simple, is to buy those certified used car. Certified used car is the major automobile manufacturers or through their designated dealerships , used car assessed , receive, vehicle detection after the last repair , these cars change of ownership through the normal procedures of sales of motor vehicles, and can provide some post service . Certified used car can enjoy the same service in a given period with the new car .